We're working on Welcoming Spaces

In order to meet the needs of our clients and create a more welcoming space, we're working on our physical spaces here at the Guelph Community Health Centre. We also want to know what our staff and volunteers can do to be more welcoming. Would you take a minute to fill out our survey?  It's just to the left at the bottom of the page. Thank you! 

Call for Board Members

Residents of Guelph are invited to express their interest in joining the Guelph Community Health Centre Board of Directors.

Guelph CHC has a vision to be a valued leader in a community that supports those with barriers to health and wellbeing.  We are looking for individuals who share our vision of a healthy community and who have the ability to participate in the strategic planning and leadership of Guelph CHC.  We are specifically seeking individuals with one or more of the following skills:  working with newcomers, legal experience, or community leadership.  Previous board or committee experience would be an asset.

Board members are appointed for a three year term.  You will be required to attend an orientation session.  Opportunities for governance education are offered.

Interested candidates should submit a completed application and cover letter by to execasst@guelphchc.ca or fax to (519) 821-6148, Attn: Executive Assistant

Guelph CHC Board Member Application Package


Cold Weather Emergency Shelter and Food info

Check our guide for local shelters and food providers here or call Torchlight Emergency Shelter Resource line at 519-767-6594. Toll free at 1-888-821-3760

Have you heard about our Warm Connections program? 

Every Wednesday at the Guelph CHC Downtown you're invited to our Lower Level, Atrium on Wednesdays from 10am -12 noon. 
We're offering: 
• An opportunity to relax with a coffee or tea and light snack
• Access to hot showers 
• The chance to visit the ID Clinic if you are missing any of your identification
• Connection with a member of our SOS Team (Specialized Outreach Services)
• Access our Winter Survival Kits, Winter Boots and Running Shoes, while available.

Come out of the cold for some warmth and connection!!


Click here to find Ontario Early Years closures and cancellations.

Healthy Living Program Guides:

For a printable April 2015 guide click here.

Early Years Program Guides:

For a printable guide of January to March 2015 click here. For our upcoming April to June 2015 guide click here.


We are committed to ...

working with our community to provide access to health programs and services and create opportunities for people to improve their well-being

We believe that...

Health is a resource for life and that many things - education, housing, social status, gender, access to health services, our sense of being included or excluded from society, employment and others - impact on our health. Health isn’t just about not being sick it is about being able to make choices and live with them. It’s about having a voice in our community, it’s about being able to hope and help your kids hope.


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