It's Community Health Week October 19-25th

We are excited to open up our locations and invite the public in to learn more about what we do. 
Come and visit us Tuesday at Shelldale where we will have yoga, meditation workshop and a movie and pizza night for the community. 
On Wednesday we're hosting a Soup's On fundraiser for the United Way. Hear our staff talk about how we improve health equity and remove barriers to health in the Guelph Community. There are tours, a free nutrition workshop, a garden market and new client intake sessions. 
On Wednesday evening we're in the Grange Hill East Neighbourhood for a family pizza and movie night. 
And on Thursday visit our Early Years Centre at Stone Road Mall for an open house, demonstrations and a pizza dinner. 
Won't you please come and join us?

You can find details of the event here

We're proud to be accredited!

We are pleased to announce that Guelph Community Health Centre has been fully accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA).  This is the fifth time that Guelph CHC has been successfully accredited through a third-party review based on accepted and leading organizational practices that promote ongoing quality improvement and responsive, effective community services.To receive accreditation, organizations must meet at least 80% of the leading practice standards.  We are proud to report that we also met all 32 leading practice standards.  

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the board and staff at the Guelph Community Health Centre for their dedication and hard work in helping to ensure this successful outcome.The outstanding results of this accreditation review clearly demonstrates the expertise, passion and commitment that staff bring when delivering responsive, welcoming, innovative services to our clients each and every day.  

To learn more about the process, please read our announcement letter. 

Craving Change?

Do you want to change your relationship with food and understand why you eat the way you do? 
Is emotional eating a challenge for you?
Would you like to get support to make healthy changes?
We're running Craving Change on Tuesdays Aug 18, 25, September 1 and 15 th from 1:30-4:00 pm at our downtown location. 
This program is open to members of the general community.
Pre-registration required. Please call 1-866-337-3318 for more information and to register.

Check our guide for local shelters and food providers here or call Torchlight Emergency Shelter Resource line at 519-767-6594. Toll free at 1-888-821-3760

Due to a Staff Development program, our Early Years programs, Walk-In Counselling, and Postpartum Support Group along with any daytime programming our Parent Support Workers do in their neighbourhoods are cancelled on Thursday, October 8th. Our downtown clinic remains open for previously scheduled appointments but our Shelldale clinic is closed. 

 Evening programming will run on its normal schedule. 


Click here to find Ontario Early Years closures and cancellations.

Healthy Living Program Guides:

For a printable version of the October 2015 guide click here

Early Years Program Guides:

For a printable guide of our programming September through December, click here.

Our Quarterly Newsletter Guides:

Our quarterly newsletter is available here.

You can read our Annual General Report here


Cold Weather Emergency Shelter and Food info

Check our guide for local shelters and food providers here or call Torchlight Emergency Shelter Resource line at 519-767-6594. Toll free at 1-888-821-3760

Mental Health and Wellness Crisis Support Resources

Here's a list of Mental Health Crisis supports available in the community


We are committed to ...

working with our community to provide access to health programs and services and create opportunities for people to improve their well-being

We believe that...

Health is a resource for life and that many things - education, housing, social status, gender, access to health services, our sense of being included or excluded from society, employment and others - impact on our health. Health isn’t just about not being sick it is about being able to make choices and live with them. It’s about having a voice in our community, it’s about being able to hope and help your kids hope.


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