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Nutrition Services

Woman chopping vegetables

What you eat has a huge impact on your health.  Yet sometimes figuring out what to eat can feel overwhelming.

     That's where a Registered Dietitian (RD) can help.

Our RDs are skilled in nutrition science and education.  We are committed to helping you, your family and our community to choose healthier foods.

We promote healthy eating and the management of diseases through nutrition education, skill building, and hands-on demonstration.

This service is open to clients of Guelph CHC and people without the means to access a RD. Home visits can be arranged and interpretation services are available.  Daily drop-in times at our downtown site are available most afternoons Monday to Friday.

RDs facilitate programs for a variety of groups within Guelph CHC and the Ontario Early Years Centre. We provide group nutrition education through workshops and programs, such as monthly nutrition workshops at our Shelldale and Downtown sites, the Wandering Chefs program and others.

Our RDs strive to provide support, education and counselling where it is most accessible to clients. We can be requested to visit your neighbourhood or community program as guest educators, or to provide counselling and support to clients at other community agency locations. 

Our RDs have found the following Online Resources to be excellent sources of information, tools and tips for Healthy Eating.

For more information please call our RDs at:
(519) 821-6638 ext 476 or ext 405 or email